Getting to know Selina Moon

A multi-faceted artist with a powerful message & big dreams, Selina Moon is a visionary. Learn more about her inspiration, her latest release, and what’s to come.

Is Selina Moon your birth or chosen name & why?

My mom named me Selina after I was born the night of a full moon with both of our hearts stopping during my birth. In Greek origin Selina means goddess of the moon. I’ve always carried this story & meaning with me. Selina Moon seemed like an obvious choice for me but it really came one night laying in bed with my eyes wide open & head full of dreams. I knew it was the right fit. As a gemini, I love that my name represents 2 moons.

What is your songwriting process like?

Most of the time my songs are born out of really intense emotional moments. I’ll be feeling some type of way & I’ll sit down with my guitar to let some emotional energy out. I’ll mess around until I find the right chords that resonate with how I’m feeling in the moment & then I just jam it out. If everything comes together in the right way I feel like even the air around me has changed. When my songs come together it feels really mystical and powerful. Like there is something else fueling my work.

Where did the inspiration come from for "Artistry”?

The title track was born when I was living in the woods of Oregon on this beautiful little farm. It was my first year after graduating from Berklee & I was going through a lot of self evaluation and honestly depression from feeling the weight of my student loans kicking in. I was feeling helpless & unable to reach people with my music. The first lyric came out while I was just jamming by myself, “I may not be good at making money through my art but I can guarantee you it’s coming straight from my heart,” and the rest of the song just fell out.

You also make jewelry, where did that all come from as far as your music career?

In college I went to a festival where I was introduced to the wire wrapping technique. I was looking at someone else’s pendant and my friend looked at me and said “I bet you could do that”. That’s all it took. I picked up wire soon after and just made my first pendant. I think the 4th piece I made someone wanted to buy and ever since then I’ve been making & selling my work. For the longest time I felt like time spent making jewelry was just time spent away from music. They were really separate in my mind until I started understanding the bigger picture and dream that I’ve been forming my whole life. My skills have expanded immensely in the jewelry world & I no longer just make wire wrapped work. My jewelry is my merchandise at my shows & just the beginning of the work I want to create and travel with on tour.

What are you currently working on and what can listeners and fans expect to see or hear from you in the near future?

SO much! I honestly feel like a crazy person most days filled with so many designs and song melodies. I have a catalog of 100’s of original songs that I’ve never released or shared with anyone and I feel a lot of weight from that. I feel a cosmic push to get that music out to the world so that’s exactly what I plan on doing. I’m not sure how many songs or which ones will be featured on my next album, but it will be raw, self recorded, & produced by me. As far as my brand goes, I’m slowly taking steps to not only selling my jewelry, but clothing designs as well. I honestly really want to start making shoes too. & journals, home goods, you name it! My overall vision & dream is way too big for me to even handle most of the time but I’m focused and taking strides everyday.